Qualification: M.Pharm

Affiliation: Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. Hyderabad

Current Designation: Associate Director and Lead-Training

Being a Biotechnologist, Mr. Bedadyuti Chakraborty is currently engaged in anti-cancer drug development program of Dr. Reddy’s as an Associate Director and Lead Training. Mr. Chakraborty started his career with Wockhardt and learnt application of Biotechnology (cell culture, protein purification, analysis). In 2002, Mr. Chakraborty joined Dr. Reddy’s Biologics Division. Initially, he worked here for R&D and then shifted to QA where he worked for Development-QA, Clinical-QA, Process Assurance, Quality Management System (QMS) and Product Release function. Once he used to lead the “Capability Building” stream and “Technical Training” function of Biologics Division of Dr. Reddy’s. Now he is working for “Centre of Excellence” wing of central L&D of Dr. Reddy’s. Mr. Chakraborty feel proud when they have launched Rituximab (first biosimilar of the world treating NHL blood cancer) being part of the team which is now saving millions of life. He enjoy science-communication and teaching. He was the “Best All Round Graduate” and “Best All Round Post-Graduate” medal holder of Jadavpur University. His first book “Biotechnologyr Kandokarkhana” (Wow Biotechnology!) was honoured with “Satyendra Puraskar” (2004) by the Govt. of West Bengal as the Best Science Book.